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Fibre DRI

This score shows how close is the dietary fibre contained in this food to the recommendation of total fiber per day for an adult non-pregnant woman.
The value is calculated by the formula:

Fibre DRI score = 100*food fibre / fibre DRI

Any value over 100 means that the displayed food contains more fibre than the recommendation, but unlike energy, reaching the fibre recomendation will not influence this score negatively, though you should take into account that fibre can absorb minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Phosphorus blocking its absortion.

Top ten recipes with highest score in Ingesta diaria recomendada de fibra
Chutney tradicional101.2
Lentil Soup76.8
Traditional Baked Beans75.6
Maple-nut red berry granola65.1
cabbage, carrot & blueberry juice58.3
Traditional Alfredo Sauce56.9
apple & broccoli juice51.1
orange & dates salad44.5
papaya, kiwi, pear & apple smoothie39
pear & blue cheese salad38.2