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Protein Score

The protein score contains two scores. The first score is the percentage of protein DRI for both adult active woman & man. As this value is different for women & men, two values are actually shown for this first score.

The second score is the same for women & men, and is the protein quality factor calculated using the theory of the limitant essential aminoacid as detailed for example in The new becoming vegetarian: the essential guide to a healthy vegetarian diet, page 64. The value is calculated using the Food and Nutrition Board/Institute of Medicine scoring pattern shown in the table below, in which you can see also another patterns. The difference in is that the digestibility factor is not applied to amino acids prior to comparing them to the pattern an so values shown in are higher than the portein quality we'll get with the complete calculation.

mg/g protein
Methionine +
Phenylalanine +

The concept behind this protein quality is the limitant factor of one of the essential aminoacids. As a simple analogy let's say that for example to build a bike you need two tires, one saddle, one handle bar and so on. If you have just 6 tires you can build just 3 bikes, no matter how many saddles or handle bars you have. The same applies to proteins, but in this case you need some proportion of each essential aminoacid to build a complete protein.

The protein quality factor is obtained calculating the relation between each essential amino acid per gram of total protein and the pattern for this amino acid. For example if we have a food with 12 grams of total protein and 1.1grams of Leucine, we first calculate the amount of leucine per gram of protein as 1100mg / 12gr = 91.6mg/gr

Now we calculate the relation with the pattern dividing the value we have just obtained with the respective value to the selected pattern: 91.6/55=166.5%.
This value will be truncated because the protein quality can't be higher than 100%

We must apply this method for all the essential amino acids, and the resulting protein score will be the lowest of the nine obtained values.

Top ten recipes with highest score in Protein quality
Banana oat and date smooth100
Aperitivos de queso con chiles100
Baked prawns with feta cheese (Garithes Youvetsi)100
pesto sauce100
tomato & cheese salad100
pear & blue cheese salad100
Crema inglesa100
Chantilly cream100
Greek carrots100
Cheesed carrots100
Top ten recipes with highest score in Adjusted protein
To Make Sausage999.9
Traditional Baked Beans173.2
(Hkatenkwan) Peanut Stew133.8
Pork loin with cheese submarine131.3
Chicken salad with apple119.5
Tournedos Rossini118.6
Caribou Stroganoff96.5
Sesame Chicken Chow Mein90.4
Baked Haddock83
Grilled Tuna Fish with Avocado and Tomato Salsa82.1