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Sugars score

The only score showed for sugars is the percentage that sugars of the food item represent from the total daily recommendations for an adult active non-pregnant woman or man, because carbohidrate recommendation is the same for both women and men.

In this context sugar does not refer only to white sugar but to sacharids like maltose, glucose, etc. White sugar is just one of the sugars.

Top ten recipes with highest score in Sugar daily recommended intakes
grapefruit & strawberry iced drink9.1
Banana oat and date smooth0
apple & broccoli juice0
Kiwi & cucumber juice0
Aperitivos de queso con chiles0
Baked prawns with feta cheese (Garithes Youvetsi)0
apple, lemon, grape & apricot juice0
cabbage, carrot & blueberry juice0
apple, lime and lemon juice0